Briefly About Morphology in the Georgian Language

Georgian is an agglutinative language. To make the learning process easier It is crucial to know the main characteristics and grammatical categories of Georgian morphology.

The sequence of the structure of a Georgian word: base*, root, morpheme/affix.

The language knows two types of word formation flexion and derivation. Flexion forms words without changing their meaning while derivation alters their meaning.

Examples of flexion: ადამიანი, ადამიანიმა, ადამიანს… 

Examples of derivation: ადამიანური, ადამიანობა, ვაკეთებ, შეკეთებული, მოიკეთა

Morphological grammatical categories: Declension and plurality in nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and numerals; Person, plurality, tense, aspect, version, mood, voice, screeve, theme, causation, etc. in verbs.



*”Base” is mainly represented as “root” in language handbooks for foreigners but there is a distinction between these two terms.