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The Georgian language is a member of the Ibero-Caucasian (Kartvelian-Caucasian) family of languages, and its alphabet ანბანი is one of the few unique alphabets in the world. Historically, the Georgian language was written in three scripts. Asomtavruli – ႠႱႭႫႧႠႥႰႳႪႨ, Khutsuri – ⴌⴓⴑⴞⴓⴐⴈ, and last Mkhedruli – მხედრული with twenty-eight consonants and five vowels, which is the script commonly used at present in printing and handwriting. The Georgian literary tradition dates back to the 5th century. In 1864 Friedrich Müller proposed a theory that the Georgian language (Kartvelian-Caucasian languages) was relict of an independent prehistoric group of languages.  Continue reading »


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